It’s the climb

It’s not what happens to me but what happens in me that counts.

Although a lot of problems are coming our way, we must embrace it whole heartedly. God did not give it to us because He just wants to, or He wants us to experience difficulty. Definitely no. Problems are there because it makes us stronger, it makes us the better version of ourselves. God will not give us challenges that we cannot overcome. He knows us more than we know ourselves, and He believes in our capabilities of surpassing these trials. God shapes and molds us because He wants to make us as His image and according to His likeness.

We may have stumbled and fell. We may have committed the worst sins ever, but God is a merciful God. He is a forgiving God. He doesn’t give us blessings because we deserve it, because we did something right, because it has His approval. He blesses us because He loves us. God loves us. Same with the battles we are facing right now in our lives. He did not give these problems to us, because we deserve it neither because we have wronged Him. He puts us in difficult situations because He wants us to learn something from it. He gives us problems because He wants us to overcome it, He’s shaking us because He wants us to remain in faith and to trust His plans for us. The same reason why He gives us blessings, He gives us battles because He loves us.

A lot of us have this kind of prayer, “Father God, make me patient. Please make our family strong and united always. Give me courage and to be kind to other people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.” And how will God responds to your prayer? He gives us certain situations in which we will be able to learn how to be patient. He will give our family challenges, so that our family will learn how to be strong and remain united. He will give us battles that will make us brave and kind. We have to experience, so that we’ll be able to feel it and learn from it.

Problems come and go. But the most important thing is, how these problems made an impact to your life. How each and every problem shaped you as a person you are supposed to be. It’s not the number of times you have fallen, it’s about how you stood up and conquered. We only have to hold onto Him. Seek and you will find. Let our worries turn into worships, and God will let the battles turn into blessings.


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