It’s the climb

It’s not what happens to me but what happens in me that counts. Although a lot of problems are coming our way, we must embrace it whole heartedly. God did not give it to us because He just wants to, or He wants us to experience difficulty. Definitely no. Problems are there because it makes … More It’s the climb

Wait Not in Vain

There are reasons why things are happening to us. Sometimes it’s the consequences of our own actions, sometimes we planned it ahead of time, other times we just don’t know why but it happened. More often than not, a lot of times it is God  who made it happen. “Yet the LORD longs to be … More Wait Not in Vain

Unrequited Love

I still read our old messages. The first time I ever messaged you, getting a reply two hours later. I was ecstatic. Even though your reply was just a simple “like” sign on our Facebook chat, it brought a great amount of happiness to my heart. We had small conversations. I, always being the wordy … More Unrequited Love

What if?

Just thought of writing something about you again. What if we never met? Honestly, I’m glad we did. My life was all black and white until you brought color into it. I mean it. It’s true. When you came, I’m starting to find reasons to wake up everyday with a smile on my face again. … More What if?

Emergency Love

There are a lot of things running through my head right now. Things I wanna say to you, but prefer not to… I know. This is not a love story. I don’t know why I am like this. It was in between June or July of last year. The first time I saw you at … More Emergency Love

Trial & Error

Iba daw yung kilig ng First Love. Syempre kasi first yun eh. Parang yun idea ng love sayo noon, dun mo naranasan at pinaranas sa first love mo. Totoo daw ba ang first love never dies? Para sa akin, totoo yun. Pero hindi yung point na mahal mo pa din siya. Pero kasi yung memories … More Trial & Error

7 Stages of Grief

All people experience grief and loss, no exception. The seven stage of grief is similar to the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. These stages or emotions, rather, are: (1) Disbelief; (2) Denial; (3) Anger; (4) Bargaining; (5) Guilt; (6) Depression; and (7) Acceptance. We may or may not experience all of these reactions, we may have … More 7 Stages of Grief